About us

Our accurate business strategies allow us to obtain a high quality and homogeneous production with a schedule which is as much "dynamic" as possible according to the market trend. Rather than the traditional greenhouse crops, we use rational irrigation (Micro irrigation) and nutritional (fertigation) practices with a careful implementation of phytosanitary measures which are consistent with the Integrated Control system’s principles. Thanks to the taste and the quality of its produces, in just two years Gold Green has established itself as a company which is very competitive in the main national fruit and vegetable markets.
Gold Green occupies now a stable position in targeted markets, due to the excellent expertise of the staff, and it offers supreme quality products for which it is possible to follow the whole process, from production to processing and packaging, as demonstrated by the recognition of the GLOBAL GAP’s quality certification.
Everything is authenticated by our packaging and the logo Gold Greenas the "seal" which guarantee the quality our products.

Our history

Gold Green is the brand and the name of a company which started in 2009. Its origin, however, should be dated back in 1980, when the young entrepreneur Mario Incardona (today the CEO of Gold Green) decided to set up his own business. “Cori forti consuma la cattiva sorti” (A strong heart consumes the bad luck). “This is what they use to say when I was young and it is still valid today …” “Our persistence, consistency, and the passion for what we love, made the company become our best pride in 20 years”, said Mr. Incardona. Today Gold Green covers an area of about 592 Ft², in Santa Croce Camerina’s area (Contrada Punta Secca and Contrada Pellegrino). The business center, with the processing warehouse and the offices, is located in Contrada Pellegrino.

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