The products

  • Round Eggplant

    Slightly oval in shape, the fruit is shiny dark in color. The meat is bright and sweet. Our round eggplant represents the best expression of flavor.


  • Violet Eggplant

    Round eggplant, shiny dark-purple in color. Compared to the common dark purplish-black eggplant, this variety is more delicate in flavor. The meat is soft, white in color and slow in oxidizing.


  • Long Eggplant

    Long shaped eggplant, this variety grows up to approximately 8-10 inches in length. It has a shiny black coloring, and a white meaty inner flesh.


  • Striated Eggplant

    Small sized fruit, oblong in shape.
    The color is beautiful, with shiny-purple skin streaked with white. It has a white meaty inner flesh, with no seeds, and it is slow in oxidizing. Supreme taste.


  • Cucumber

    Long in shape, about 8 inches in length, this dark green fruit has a light coloring flesh and white seeds.


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